HUA RONG ENTERPRISE is a leading licensed money lending company that has large capital backed-up which specializes in unconventional financing where speed and attention to special circumstances are critical.

Are you a BUSINESS PERSON with GREAT BUSINESS IDEAS & OPPORTUNITY but having HARD TIMES securing financial facilities from the local financial institutions? Leave your worries to us...

We are a private investment company that has large capital backed-up which specializes in unconventional financing. If you need immediate funding on your business, you can contact us directly without impeding to obtain in the financial services that you need.

Capitals are an important part of a company's survival. Cash is essential to making companies grow and in making investments. Consumer, Small-Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and large corporation, if there are business regarding in raising of capital, we will be your solution.

Why Choose Us
We are a company designed specifically for consumers, small and medium enterprises, trade companies and business groups in providing fast enterprise finance scheme/loan assistance Company, which makes it easier for you to get money to help expand your business. If you are experiencing the following problems, we will be your most convenient company of choice.

1. funding constraints those unable to expand your business
2. low profit margin due to lack of cash to acquisition of goods in bulks in order to enjoying the discounts
3. bank transfers/transaction are in urgent need of cash, or
4. bank loan application delaying.

Our loan advantages included:
Get approved in 48 hours.
Funds deposited into your bank within 1 to 2 business days.
Easy Application, Minimal requirements.
95% approval rate
Information provided treated 100% confidential
Private Investment Company with large scale financing and capital.